First Meeting with a Buyer’s Agent – What to Expect

First Meeting with a Buyer's Agent – What to Expect
January 13, 2023

Whether as a first-time homebuyer or a chronic home investor, you need to employ the services of an expert buyer’s agent. The meeting with a realtor requires some level of experience and expertise from both sides.

The real estate buyer’s agent is responsible for getting things done quickly and efficiently. It is also the role of this licensed professional to ensure that the buyers get capital growth on the investment property.

The primary task of the buyer’s agent is to guide you through the entire process of buying a home, from scouting a real estate property to closing the purchase, before diving into a home or investment property within the property market.

Moreover, buying a home is one of the most important events of a person’s life, which further mounts some pressure at the first meeting. But every buyer seeks an best buyers agent to entrust with the purchasing process. 

Homeowners who want to sell real estate properties need the buyer’s agents to connect them with willing and ready property investors. What makes a good buyer’s agent is the ability to manage the purchasing process while offering independent advice when needed. 

Why does a Homebuyer need a Real Estate Buyer’s Agent?

Real estate agents comprise buying and selling agents, who must work hand-in-hand to guide the client through a smooth purchase process. Buyer’s agents can source leads from off-market listings or silent listings.

Also, a real estate agent has in-depth knowledge of the current market to find the specific property the buyer needs. It is easier to find properties when the agent knows where to search for them. 

Apart from property searches, real estate buyer’s agents are also involved with arranging inspections, supervising building inspections, and identifying an ideal property. As for payment, the buyer pays the buyer’s agent engagement fee, fixed fee, flat fee, or a fraction of the purchase price.

The reality of a real estate buyer’s agent’s activity in investment property during the negotiation process that leads to the home buying process is that every buyer needs the full service of a buyers advocate.

Real estate buyer’s agents help homebuyers save time when seeking a suitable property in the real estate market. Moreover, the buyer’s agent helps to study property prices and choose the right property at the right price.

Therefore, you need some level of assistance or guidance to put everything you need in place ahead of the meeting. For example, you will need to work hard to put the financial resources in place and be in a good position for the home purchase. A buyer’s agent will then take it up.

The key difference in using a buyer’s agent becomes apparent when the home buyer finds help with the whole process from a real estate buyer’s agent.

What to discuss with your Buyer’s Agent before Buying a Property.

During the first meeting with the buyer’s agent, ensure you prepare the right questions to ask. The answers that the agent provides the required confidence to make your dream home come to pass. It would help if you also understood how the agent approaches his work.

The local real estate market allows the buyer’s agent to use in-depth local knowledge to judge the credibility of the property for a prospective buyer. Meanwhile, the buyer and the selling agent need to cooperate with the buyer’s agent to sell at the right price.

In property investing, the buyer’s agent understands how property purchase proceeds and even the entire buying process. As a result, these licensed professionals can turn investment properties into ideal properties with massive long-term profits.

The buyer’s agent can give you your dream home, whether the client requires a home or investment property. 

The buyers advocate they will not lead you to unsuitable properties because he understands the entire process of home listing and property purchase in real estate. Aside from the sales commission, real estate agents want homebuyers to be confident in the property market. 

Below are some essential things to expect from your first meeting with a buyer’s agent.

Prepare to talk about the finances

Finalize your finance issues ahead of your meeting with the buyer’s agent. Discussing your finances and goals is essential during your first meeting with the real estate buyer’s agent. You should therefore have the plans set in place to achieve it.

He answers about many issues of your finance that begins with you. For example, what are your plans for securing the property? What is your budget for the home purchase? How do you intend to raise the money? If you plan to get a mortgage? Have you started the application yet?

These are some of the fundamental questions to which you should provide answers before the meeting with your buyer’s agent. If you wish to go that route, you will need pre-approval for your mortgage. That will come after you are sure of the budget limit of your plan to buy a home.

When searching for a home, you also don’t want your buyer’s agent to exceed your budget. Setting limits is also what you should be clear about when discussing your finances for a home purchase. It may also depend on the timeline of your plans.

When you set the time, scope, and cost constraints, you can quickly decide to go for the home you find. Finally, if you need any help concerning finance, you may need the professional counsel of your buyer’s agent. The experience of the agent can be your saving grace.

What do you want in a property?

Depending on why you need a home, you must be clear about your proposed property’s haves and have-nots. What features would you like the property to have in order of importance? For example, how important is a garage to you? Would you consider a verandah or balcony?

Other features may include the proximity to the mall, garage, or station. Do you want a home that is close to a school or workplace? Meanwhile, you can create a list of these features in order of importance. Or set the ‘must have’ apart from the ‘may have.’

At this point, you should also have concluded on the kind of apartment you want. For example, will you like a duplex or 3-bedroom or 2-bedroom home? Would you like to be close to the beach, a farm, or a suburb? Note that each of these factors can affect the budget for the home.

As you create a list of what the property must have and the things it may have, you may want to indicate the deal breakers. Deal breakers are the features that will spell a ‘no’ for a property. You can create a list of qualities you cannot condone, such as one-bathroom apartments.

Make a list of essential questions

Some first-time homebuyers have narrated that they often forget a lot of questions they would have loved to ask their buyer’s agents. This case may happen because of the anxiety of meeting the agent and buying your first home. You can prevent that by making a list before the meeting.

Draft a list of the essential questions you want the buyer’s agent to answer when you meet. As a result, you will not likely forget any part during the meeting. The questions can cover various topics, including the actual process of home buying or sourcing for a mortgage.

You may also ask the agent about the strategy they plan to use to find your dream home. Below are some questions to ask the buyer’s agent in this case.

  • How many homes have you bought for home buyers or investors?
  • What is the average time to get a potential buyer their desired property?
  • How long have you been in the buyer’s agency business?
  • Has real estate homebuyers filed any complaint about your service delivery with the state?
  • What do you charge for your agency services? Is it a fixed price, or does it depends on the property’s cost?

Be ready to listen

The meeting with your buyer’s agent is not one-sided but an avenue to listen to the agent. Therefore, you will need to pay attention to the information the agent will give you, especially if you are a first-time homebuyer seeking to get his first dream home.

Just as you have prepared demands from the buyer’s agent, he also has instructions about how you can help him achieve the goal. You must pay attention to this information to ensure that you are on the same page. As simple as the real estate market is, it takes apt communication and attentiveness from both parties.

Also, the real estate market can be dicey with many complications, and novices can be prone to many mistakes. Moreover, knowledge of the sector is essential to have a good hold on how things run to get the best results.

Conclusion – let the Buyer’s Agent meet your needs

The agent is ready to meet your needs and wants to make a reputation for himself or preserve his existing one. As a result, it is more of a partnership and not a servant-leader relationship. When preparing for the first meeting, both parties must remain comfortable discussing everything necessary, including their fears and worries.

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